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    Serenity Village

    Serenity Village, one of the pioneering Eco friendly tourist attractions, blends with nature beautifully, yet combines a touch of modernity in its architecture and design. All cottages are built on top of the hill and the balconies open to an infinity of mountains beyond. Strips of timber cover the walls, ceiling and floors giving an earthly feel, almost as if living inside the core of a tree. Running your palm along the smooth wood will touch your heart to make this place your own kingdom in heaven. An antique king sized four poster bed occupies.,the middle of the double room with a gossamer white covering draping the posts inviting many sweet moments and memories.

    The bathroom opens up to an alfresco style shower which allows you to have a bath standing on a natural rock, feeling the earth beneath and looking up at the vast expanse of blue sky keeping through the verdant vegetation. Relaxing on the balcony is a meditation serenity by it self. A constant cool misty breeze will put your soul into a placid state and at night you will see a anthology of stars above and be cocooned in the bosom of Mother Nature. The newly built plush, state-of-the-art Swimming Pool on the hill blends perfectly with the natural environment. Once inside the pool you will feel like you are swimming between the hills. Facing the mountains and covering the lush green tea gardens behind and you are sure to wash away your worries in a splash! -serenity.

    Sipping fresh fruit juice sitting by the pool on a deck chair with your favorite magazine or just listening to the world outside with your eyes closed is an added bonus to the luxury you are already enjoying. A morning trek around the estate as well as in the village nearby will be invigorating with the accompanying bird song of native and migrant bird species.

    The Natural Pool is on a rock down the hill with tiled floor and walls, it is set between two springs surrounded by huge Kubuk tree canopies along with canopies for you to enjoy a drink with your family and friends. The gurgling stream, the twittering of birds, sound of the tree branches gently moving to the cool misty wind blowing from the mountains make this place no second to the grand Swimming Pool on the top. Serenity Village is an ideal location for you to organize a day outing for your family or for a day outing from your place of work.

    Thusitha will prepare Sri Lankan cuisine in an authentic village style and any other western cuisine to meet your supreme taste; using most of the raw ingredients from the hotel's back garden. Kiri kos maluwa or polos ambula from the fruits of the jak trees around is a must to taste from the tantalizing menu; you may select your menu by a brisk walk along the organic vegetable garden just a few yards away. Also, try a glass of fresh toddy, the local drink that cheers to lift your spirits; toddy is the fermented sap of the kithul (palm tree) flower.
    Dining at the open air restaurant surrounded by a spectacular view will add extra spice to your meal. The restaurant can comfortably accommodate around 60 people.