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By four-man team

four-man team has stepped into a revolutionizing modern sport activity which brings a new and a different experience to the corporate and non-corporate crowds through “Paintball Battles”.

four-man team gives you the finest and the best Paintball experience by providing its passion with world’s number one Paintball brand; “EMPIRE” and has become the pioneer to use the “EMPIRE” brand first time in Sri Lanka.

Bravo Two Zero – (Based on a true story)

Bravo Two Zero is the call sign of a team of soldiers struggling to survive in the enemy territory and awaiting a rescue helicopter. We will take you to the above scenario where you’ll actually feel the motive, thrill, excitement and enjoy the most exciting Paintball game “Bravo Two Zero”. Minimum participation for the game is 08 pax.


  • No of balls           - 110 per person

  • PP Rate              - 1,850.00 ($ 10)
    10% Service Charge (Approx. Rs. 2,035.00)

  • Additional Balls   - 50 (Rs. 712.00)

  • Age Limit             - 10 and above

  • No of Participants   - Min 08

Bravo Two Zero – Limited

The game is limited by the time and paintballs allocated per participant. One participant gets only 60 balls for the game. The game will go up to 01 hour to 02 hours without compromising the safety, quality and pleasure. Minimum participation for the game is 12 pax.


  • No of balls           - 60 per person

  • PP Rate              - Rs. 1,480.00 ($ 8)
    10% Service Charge (Approx. Rs. 1,628.00)

  • Additional Balls   - 50 (Rs. 712.00)

  • Age Limit             - 10 and above

  • No of Participants   - Min 12

Bravo Two Zero – Extended

This game gets extended by time and paintballs where the time more than three (03) hours and allow minimum 06 participants for the game. One participant gets 210 Paintballs and there will be a reconnaissance part prior to the deliberate attack. You can feel a total different excitement and thrill while enjoying the day, if you are engaging with this game.


  • No of balls           - 210 per person

  • PP Rate              -Rs. 2,400.00 ($ 13)
    10% Service Charge (Approx. Rs. 2,640.00)

  • Additional Balls   - 50 (Rs. 610.00)

  • Age Limit             - 10 and above

  • No of Participants   - Min 06

Final Countdown

This 15 minutes game is played in a netted field where max of 12 participants can take part at a time. When there are more participants, they could join the second match just after 30 minutes from the starting time of the previous match. One team is about to explode a nuclear bomb in 15 minutes and the other team has to find it and deactivate the bomb to save the community.


  • No of balls           - 20 per person

  • PP Rate              -Rs. 555.00 ($ 3.00)
    10% Service Charge (Approx. Rs. 610.00)

  • Additional Balls   - 10 (Rs.305.00)

  • Age Limit             - 10 and above

  • No of Participants   - Max 12

Target Shooting

The initial step of Paintball is quite basic and almost everyone can do it regardless of age or gender, a target will be placed within a distance of 10m to 15m and you get 5 rounds to fire. All directions for weapon handling will be provided.


  • PP
  • Age Limit
  • Rs.100 ($ 0.5)
  • 05 and above